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  • BlockFrameNFT - Web3-Connected NFT Display Frame, Verifiable Ownership - Ethereum (ETH) Tezos (XTZ) Solana (SOL) NFTs - MetaMask Temple Phantom Multi Wallet Support - iOS/Android (GM1-Walnut)

BlockFrameNFT - Web3-Connected NFT Display Frame

SKU: 0001
    • YOUR DIVERSE COLLECTION IN ONE PLACE - BlockFrameNFT is the ONLY NFT display frame that allows you to cast and view NFTs you own across different blockchains and wallets. The BlockFrameNFT mobile app supports MetaMask (Ethereum), Temple (Tezos) and Phantom (Solana) wallets (Note: wallets do NOT need to be on the mobile device). Cast unlimited NFTs at once across different blockchains with ease and controllable duration between items in the queue.
    • VERIFIABLE OWNERSHIP - The BlockFrameNFT app allows you to remotely cast a curated, web3-verified collection to a compatible BlockFrameNFT display frame. Prove ownership (or promote a sale!) by optionally including a QR code linking to a supported marketplace of your choosing. Supported marketplaces include OpenSea, LooksRare, Rarible, Magic Eden, and Objkt.
    • SIMPLE AND SECURE - The BlockFrameNFT app generates a unique shareable URL to allow connection via PC or laptop (no need for crypto wallets on your mobile device). Web interface is open source for transparency, and only uses the respective wallet's secure official documentation.
    • MULTI-WALLET CONNECTION - Have multiple wallets? No problem! Connect several addresses from the same wallet, or other wallets to display everything from one place.
    • ANON LOGIN - No need to submit your email and password, login to your account via randomly generated passphrase (NOTE: passphrase is NOT a seed phrase, it's a unique 12 word mnemonic phrase that only serves as your anonymous login). If you lose it, simply create a new one and re-connect your display frames via QR code on the physical frame using the BlockFrameNFT mobile app.
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