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Unicus Watch
Your Watch, Your NFT, Our Secure Infrastructure. 

We strive to create an inhouse project and as a result we will be providing our clients the opportunity to store your NFTs on our Platform. We offer a complimentary free three months storage.

We strive to make the process easy for you to own an NFT of your watch.  The following are the steps
needed to create an NFT of your watch.

Step 1. Download Trust Wallet
Trust Wallet is a blockchain-based digital wallet. Think of it as any other digital wallet such as QiWi, PayPal, etc. Trust Wallet is used to store cryptocurrencies, and in this case your Watches NFTs. Check out the instructions below on downloading Trust Wallet from Google or AppStore. It is very simple to download and set up.

Trust Wallet Configuration


Step 1

  • Once you have downloaded the Trust Wallet application for your mobile device from AppStore or Android Store you will see the Welcome screen, with two options – Create а new Wallet and I already have a wallet. Please select the “Create a new Wallet” option.


Step 2

  • Click the “I understand” check and after that click “Continue”. On this screen, you will see your 12 words. Please follow the instructions for keeping them safe. Save it properly because you will need it in the next step.

Step 3 Make sure to remember your security phrase in the same order as shown in Trust Wallet. Write the words down somewhere safe.​​

  • After you have completed this step and you have saved your recovery phrase you can click “Continue”

  • On the next screen, you will be asked to enter your recovery phrase in the same order that you have saved it.

Step 4​​

  • Once you have entered the recovery phrase in the same order that was shown on the previous screen you will be able to continue. This step is for security, to be sure that you have saved your 12 words in the right order.

  • Click the “Continue” button and you will get a success message and you will be forwarded to the user dashboard.

Step 5​​

  • Clicking “OK” will show you the dashboard. On it you will be able to see a few wallets created for you.

  • Congratulations your wallet has been created!

Step 2: Copy your Trust Wallet Address.
Many digital wallets use either an email or phone number as an identifier. However, blockchain wallets use a string of numbers and letters as their identifier. We call this string of letters and numbers your wallet address. This will only be unique to you.  You will need to input your wallet address into the form. Find your wallet address in less than two minutes.


Getting your Trust Wallet  Address


Step 1

  • In your trust wallet select BNB Binance Smart Chain 


Step 2

  • Tap on receive


Step 3

  • Tap on copy and paste in your form submission at checkout.

Step 3: Choose one of the Packages
Unicus Watch has your back and has tailored three packages to your needs. After choosing your specific package you will be prompted to fill out a form and taken to a payment page.

Tips on how to take the best photo of your watch.
You will need to upload this photo when you are filling out the form.

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